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KUVIO is a developer and marketer of KuvioVision - unique vision platform for machines and things. KuvioVision enables users to shorten development time by building and testing vision applications in any computer using a graphical development environment. The platform seamlessly integrates easy to use development environment with any real time execution environment decreasing the time and cost of deployment.

Kuvio was founded in 2012 to build a team of engineers and marketers with extensive experience and expertise in machine vision, Intelligent Software and Digital Signal Processing. The core software platform previously developed by these engineers has been used in various embedded machine vision systems for over a decade. Since 2012 the team has expanded the platform and developed software utilities for ease of use, ease of local and global integration. This next generation machine vision software and hardware platform enables the company to offer new solutions for industrial and commercial vision applications.

Kuvio Automation is a part of Procemex Group.

Kuvio Automation Ltd is located in Tampere Finland with global reach from Japan to North America.

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