Product Background

Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor is a simple form of a smart vision camera. Vision Sensor includes an image sensor, a processing unit and a network connection. KuvioVision enables vision applications to be deployed in any vision sensor with Linux or Windows operating system. KuvioVision applications can be deployed in KuvioKamera Vision Sensors and 3rd party vision sensors with Linux or Windows.

Since vision applications developed with KuvioVision can be used on various available smart cameras it enables the optimization of image resolution as well as performance and cost for every smart camera deployment. All vision applications can be developed with the same KuvioVision application development environment and managed with the same network / internet based KuvioVision application management environment. All this saves time today and future proofs the development investment.

Key Benefits
  • Optimized Performance
  • Optimized Cost
  • Compact
  • Simple

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