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Vision Camera

The Kuvio machine vision revolution is powered by KuvioVision™ - a unique vision software platform that enables users to optimize the performance and cost of Machine Vision and Embedded Vision solutions easier than ever before.

KuvioVision provides an intuitive environment to build and test vision applications without any programming. This development environment includes graphical tools to create vision applications and all necessary end user UI’s, I/O interfaces.

Due to the revolutionary hardware abstraction technology KuvioVision applications can be executed in any multicore processor (ARM, ATOM, X86, ...) or SoC (FPGA, DSP) without any programming or further integration. KuvioVision can be used in any vision camera or embedded vision environment from smart cameras to IoT controllers and devices.

KuvioVision unleashes the power of modern vision cameras and vision enabled devices like smart cameras, vision controllers and PC’s. KuvioVision applications can immediately be executed in many vision cameras and vision enabled devices like smart cameras, vision controllers and PC based vision systems. This enables the users to deploy their own hardware, leverage on 3rd party hardware or use KuvioKamera vision cameras or vision controllers.

All vision applications from the simplest vision sensor to most demanding cloud based image analysis can be developed with the same KuvioVision application build environment and managed with the same network / internet based  application management environment.

Key Benefits
  • Same Software Platform from Vision Sensor to Vision Controller and PC
  • Optimized Performance and Cost
  • Future Proof Solution

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