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Vision for IoT

Vision for Things

Vision enables us to see and understand what is around us. Giving machines and things the capability to see enables them to identify, gauge, inspect or track objects and guide us, themselves, other machines or things. KuvioVision is a unique vision platform that enables vision users to develop and deploy vision systems in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional methods.

KuvioVision provides an intuitive environment in any PC to build and test vision applications quickly without any programming. KuvioVision library includes a comprehensive set of image processing, vision and control tools to build any vision application. In addition to these graphical tools to create vision applications this easy, yet flexible, development environment includes all necessary tools to build I/O & data interfaces and end user UI’s for vision solutions.

KuvioVision unleashes the power of modern processor and SoC technology for the machines and things to see with its unique hardware abstraction technology. KuvioVision applications can be executed in any multicore processor or SoC based system without any programming or further integration. This enables the use of various smart cameras, vision controllers and PC's for every vision application. This in turn shortens the time it takes to deploy IoT vision applications.

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