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KuvioVision Application Builder package

KuvioVision™ Application Builder

KuvioVision™ Application Builder enables users build vision applications using an intuitive graphical build environment. It includes a comprehensive library of image processing, vision and control Tools that give the users the power to build any applications to identify, gauge and inspect objects and provide guidance based on visual information embedded into images. KuvioVision intuitive graphical development environment can be used in any PC.

Unlike traditional machine vision systems the KuvioVision Platform uses a declarative model.  The developer simply describes the dependencies between Tools using a Graph and sets the static parameters of each Tool appropriately. The execution of each Tool is triggered by an event such as an image or parameter input. Thus any functionality from a single Tool to the entire Application can be dynamically visualized and tested in the Application Builder.

The declarative model, where the Tools operate independently, automatically optimizes the execution of the application. With sufficient multicore and/or co-processor processing resources, all Tools can be executed simultaneously. Tools earlier in the Graph are processing the next event while Tools later in the Graph are still processing the previous event.

Application Builder includes the capability to create all necessary end user GUI’s for vision systems. Any number of Graphical User Interfaces can be easily build for any application. Images or parameters visible on each GUI are simply dragged to the appropriate GUI window. Static images and text are then added to the GUI and all static and dynamic elements can be arranged as required. The data connectivity between the application and each user interface is automatically created by the platform. This enables the developer to build and test the entire application in the Application builder. The physical connection is selected at the runtime in KuvioVision Application Manager by simply defining the IP addresses of the computers or devices. Thus the connectivity works locally or over the network or via the internet.

In addition to all image processing and vision Tools Application Builder includes control Tools to perform logical functions and all necessary I/O and data input/output functionality required by the application. Application Builder includes virtual I/O and data links to dynamically visualize and test the functionality. This enables the developer to build and test the entire application in the Application builder. The physical I/O and data connectivity is simply selected at the runtime in KuvioVision Application Manager from the devices available at that time.

Key Benefits
  • Built Vision Solutions Graphically
  • Execute in any Real-Time Hardware
  • Optimize Cost and Performance
  • Seamless Integration

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