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KuvioVision Application Manager package

KuvioVision™ Application Manager

KuvioVision™ Application Manager unleashes the power of KuvioVision. KuvioVision Application Manager enables vision applications to be deployed in any hardware environment without any programming or further integration. Due to revolutionary hardware abstraction technology KuvioVision Application Manager runs in any multicore processor like ARM or X86 or FPGA or DSP based SoC with Linux or Windows or any PC without any programming or further integration.

KuvioVision enables users to choose appropriate hardware for every application. KuvioVision can provide computers, machines and things the capability to see and understand what is around them. With KuvioVision vision solutions for machines and things are available today for more machines and things at much lower cost than with traditional machine vision systems.

Execution of vision applications, I/O and/or end user GUI’s can be distributed across multiple computers, machines or devices connected with local and/or global network or via internet. The vision application can be executed on a camera enabled embedded device or PC next to a production line and I/O can be done using a network based PLC, while corresponding GUI’s can be running on different computers connected to a local network or internet.

To make it easy to use the solutions all applications can be managed from any PC connected to the vision system via local or global network or the internet.



Key Benefits
  • Built Vision Solutions Graphically
  • Execute in any Real-Time Hardware
  • Optimize Cost and Performance
  • Seamless Integration

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